Nature’s Prescription

Nature’s Prescription

At the South East Cornwall Rural Business Centre we are constantly working on new course programmes and services that will benefit individuals, businesses and communities. With the best that Mother Nature has to offer on our doorstep, read on to find out about our approach to nature’s prescription and our Ecotherapy courses here at the Centre.

In fact, all our courses are built upon our principal objectives of Inspiration, Aspiration, Innovation, Collaboration and Diversification.


We inspire others to see learning as a lifelong journey of discovery, to reveal a world of opportunity where we can all make a positive difference to the lives of others through the transfer of knowledge.


We encourage individuals, businesses and communities to aspire to be the best they can be, to grow and develop and to act ethically and responsibly.


We see innovation as key to delivering high quality products and services, encouraging creativity and inventiveness to do what has not been done and to do it well.


We see collaboration as crucial to building strong local economies, where rural businesses can work together for the common good, create profitable enterprises and potentially share expertise & resources to overcome the challenges in accessing markets which being rurally based can bring.


We want to encourage diversification in business, creating niche products and services but always remaining flexible & receptive to the market, while seeking new opportunities. Developing extended suites of products and services that reach a diverse market and not putting all the ‘eggs in one basket’.


One of our overriding aims is to enable, encourage and promote rural living and working as a healthy, positive lifestyle and productive option. To that end, we are always looking to offer health & well being programmes for those who live and work in our rural communities. The South East Cornwall Rural Business Centre has developed a programme we are calling ‘Nature’s Prescription’. This is about encouraging people to see the benefits of being outdoors and being surrounded by the natural world and landscape. It is about feeling the positive benefits of having a purpose, being at one with nature and the multi-sensory experience which being outdoors can provide.

Therapeutic Horticulture

For many years’ practitioners have been espousing the incredible value of therapeutic horticulture for those trying to cope with anxiety and depression. We know from so many experiences, supported by academic research, that growing, gardening, being in woodland and being at one with nature has incredibly positive benefits to our mental wellbeing. There are so many psychological reasons why this is the case, and these are widely accepted.

Nature Deficit Disorder

In Scotland, GP’s are now able to prescribe for what is described as ‘nature deficit disorder’ in other words insufficient time spent outdoors benefiting from all the multitude of sensory stimuli; the distant sounds, the views, the dappled light, the big skies, the wind on your face and the rain, babbling streams, birdsong, the movement in the trees… Everything is so alive and part of the natural environment  from which we have, over time, become detached in our modern, sterile living. It is about returning to our roots, discovering who we are, becoming alive again and providing a positive perspective to our valuable lives. These interventions can be life changing and life enhancing.

Sense of Purpose

Natures Prescription’ is designed to help and support, provide purpose and to give direction. We know that it will be of huge benefit to those who are feeling disconnected, lost and struggle to find a purpose. We will help them to see the ‘wood for the trees’.  The South East Cornwall Rural Business Centre will be running the programme one day a week for five weeks and lunch is provided. Participants will learn new skills and be part of a project to grow plants, fruit and vegetables for themselves and others. They will learn about the natural world, about landscape, countryside, weather and climate. They will gain knowledge that could provide them with a route into employment in the land-based sector as the bonus of this programme is that they will gain a City & Guilds Level 1 Award, Certificate or Diploma in Practical Horticulture Skills. Click the button to find out more and to book.

Group Sizes

Our groups sizes for each programme are small, with no more than 10 in each, this provides for a better learning environment and better outcomes for the individual, providing a much more flexible, interactive and personal approach.

Employment opportunities in the land based Sector

The land-based sector in the UK is desperately in need of skilled people; indeed it is estimated that in the next two years nearly 600,000 people will be needed to work in Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Woodland, & Countryside Management, Viticulture, Grounds and Gardens, Golf Green keeping, Landscaping, Animal Management, Environment Land Management, Land based tourism, Veterinary and Equine etc.


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Ian Rideout
Head of Centre Leaning


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